Phelps Adult Swimwear

Phelps Premium Swim Brand

MP Michael Phelps creates innovative, technologically advanced, performance-enhancing swim products driven by the desire to improve the sport of swimming.

Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman have arguably more experience training and competing at the highest levels of elite swimming than any other people on the planet. For years they felt the swim gear available to competitive swimmers was lacking – compression suits lacked flexibility, goggles hindered peripheral vision, swim caps didn’t stay in place. When they decided they wanted to bring their expertise to the marketplace, they partnered with Aqua Sphere, the premier swimming equipment manufacturer for fitness swimming and triathlons, and the MP brand was born.

By incorporating the unique insights and exceptional real-life experience provided by Michael and Bob, our products offer revolutionary features that work with natural body mechanics, helping competitive swimmers reach their peak performance.