Strength Training Paddle

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The MP Strength Swim Paddles are a high-performance resistance tool that build your strength and improve your stroke technique. Designed to mimic the shape of your hand, with raised palm supports keeping them in a more natural swimming position and vents throughout to give you a natural feel for the water.

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Strength Training Paddle

The Strength Training Paddle is a high-performance resistance tool that provides a natural feel of the water thanks to its shape and raised palm supports.

“The Strength Paddles are one of my favorite tools that we’ve developed because they basically give you the feel of the hand and the way it is when its swimming because of the raised portion under the palm of your hand. It’s not a flat surface. You’re actually in a much more natural position.” – Coach Bob Bowman

Features :

  • Build your strength by adding resistance to your stroke
  • Improve your Stroke Technique by forcing you to push down with your fingertips and get into a proper pulling position
  • Increase your Propulsion to swim closer to a race speed