Aqua-X Training Core Belt

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Aqua-X Training Core Belt belt provides stability in the water for all cardiovascular exercises and core strength.

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Aqua-X Training Core Belt

Whether you are a trained athlete or simply looking to have a healthier lifestyle, users will find the Aqua-X gear and Aqua-X training program very beneficial. The program consists of a self-paced. 30 minute routine that alternates between 60-second exercises followed by 60-second periods of active recover, such as water jogging or walking. It can also be adapted to meet the needs of varying fitness levels by adjusting the number and frequency of high-intensity cycles and recovery time.

Features :

  • Articulated foam for ergonomic fit
  • Stretch zones prevent belt from riding up
  • Easy-adjust, two-way buckle
  • Neoprene construction for a comfortable fit
  • Mesh zones accelerate drying


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