Gym Ergo Bells


Providing buoyant resistance in the water the AquaSphere Ergo bells are great for Swim Training and all levels of fitness, conditioning or rehabilitation building strength through low impact exercises that help to tone and sculpt the chest, shoulders and arms.

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AquaSphere Gym Ergo Bells

Because of its multiple hands position, the Gym Ergo Bells help to tone and sculpt various parts of your body such as the chest, shoulders, and arms. These can also be used in shallow or deep water. AquaSphere’s Ergo-Bells are made from Durable EVA Foam, which is resistant to chlorine and have a Non-Water Logging Characteristic Material that dries fast, so when your workout is done you won’t need to worry about all your other gear getting wet.

Features :

  • Low-impact conditioning
  • Strengthens upper body
  • Tones muscles and burns calories
  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Made of non-waterlogging and EVA foam


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