Focus Restrictor Cap

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The Focus Restrictor cap is placed inside the barrel of the Focus Snorkel restricting breathing by 40% to increase cardiovascular strength and build lung capacity.

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Focus Restrictor Cap

The Focus Restrictor Cap provides restricting breathing by 40% and to increase cardiovascular strength. That is why it permit to build lung capacity.

“There are a lot of reasons I love the Focus snorkel!” – Bob Bowman, US Olympic Men’s Swimming Coach.
“The swimmers on my team using the focus snorkel love it. No more frequent adjusting! The headpiece fits tight and does not wobble one bit. We are encouraging our swimmers to purchase the Focus. My goal is for everyone to own it by season’s end.”


  • Reduce breathing by 40%
  • Fits regular fit and small fit Focus Snorkels
  • Constructed of durable synthetic material


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